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Implement a slider in Hexo

Download bxsliderDownload from http://bxslider.com/ and copy jquery.bxslider.css to hexo project css folder and copy js file to js folder. Create file bxslider.ejsAdd file into your theme folder, e.g


Top Hexo plugins recommended

hexo-generator-minifyThis plugin is used to minify CSS / Javascript code. Install: 1npm install hexo-generator-minify --save Run:1hexo gm --cssSafe hexo-generator-sitemap1npm install hexo-generator-s


List posts by category in Hexo

Spend hours to figure it out the documentation is not very helpful! 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425<% site.categories.each(function(cat) { %> <section class="archives-wrap"&g