Install Android Nougat into Samsung Galaxy S5 step by step

Android Nougat

1) Install Odin to Windows PC

Download Odin from:

Extract download Odin zip file to Windows PC, then double click app to run it:

Install odin

2) Install TWRP

Download TWRP to your PC from:

Install TWRP in odin

Switch off your phone and press Volume up + Home + Power to Download mode. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable, then Odin should detect your phone. Now press ‘Start’ to flash TWRP to your phone.

Power off your phone.

3) Install Cyanogenmod 14.1 and GAPPS 7.1

Download Cyanogenmod(CM) 14.1 from:
Download GAPPS 7.1 from:

NB: I have tried the recommended version of GAPPS, e.g. ‘stock’ but it won’t work in my phone and gives me “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped “ error. When I switched to the minimal version, e.g. ‘pico’, it works fine.

Copy downloaded GAPPS and Cyanogenmod zip files into your phone’s SD card.

Now press Volume up + Home + Power to enter TWRP screen. Then Wipe your phone and install from Cyanogenmod and GAPPS zip files.

Restart your phone and it’s ready to use!