Upload files to Dropbox in Linux command line

Here is the instruction on how to upload files to your Dropbox without installing Dropbox:

1) First, install the amazing Dropbox Uploader script

git clone https://github.com/andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader.git

2) Open the following URL in your Browser, and log in using your account: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps

3) Click on “Create App”, then select “Dropbox API app”

4) As shown below, configure your dropbox app, choosing the app permissions and access restrictions to your DropBox folder”

5) Enter the “App Name” you like, e.g. YuxiUploader

6) Click on the “Create App” button

7) When your new App is successfully created, click on the Generate button. under the ‘Generated access token’ section, then copy and paste the new access token here to your Linux command line.

8) Now you are ready to upload files to your dropbox, e.g.

Upload file:

./dropbox_uploader.sh upload YOUR_LOCAL_FILE_NAME /

List files:

./dropbox_uploader.sh list
./dropbox_uploader.sh list subfolder

Download file:

./dropbox_uploader.sh download subfolder/1.pdf ./1.pdf

Create a remote folder:

./dropbox_uploader.sh mkdir /subfolder

Delete a remote folder

./dropbox_uploader.sh delete /subfolder